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Humanitarian Bulletin, Syria crisis: June - July 2014


Now, in the fourth year of the conflict, there are 2.9 million Syrian refugees registered in the region. The number of refugees continues to increase and camps and informal settlements are growing, some into sizeable cities. The highest number of Syrian refugees are in Lebanon, followed by Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt; 75 per cent are women and children and 25 per cent are women and girls of reproductive age. Host populations are being faced with high prices and scarcity of basic services while governments and humanitarian agencies are struggling to tackle the crisis given the current security situation and economic challenges.


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Regional Situation Report For Syria Crisis


SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC: UNFPA calls for urgent action to en¬hance the functionality of emergency obstetric care services, as the percentage of Caesarean sections in public health facilities soared from 29 per cent in 2009 to 45 per cent in 2013

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