Colorful & Captivating “Four Seasons” project in Tartous, Syria

16 November 2016
UNFPA team visiting Eskandar’s launched project in Tartous, coastal area of Syria, after receiving “UNFPA Youth Innovation” grant.

In May, 2016 “Youth Innovation” project second batch was launched. Around 55 young persons, from Homs and Tartous, participated in ongoing workshops on “Business Startup and Communication” for 15 intensive days.

Eskandar is an outstanding example of successful graduated projects. Eskandar had been raised in a farm for his entire childhood. He used to go hand by hand with his father to plant seeds, grow them and take care of them till they are bigger trees.











When I was informed about the workshop, I applied immediately. I’m grateful for the opportunity to progress that I have started when I was a child.” Eskandar says to Kinda Katranji, UNFPA- Syria.

In addition to Eskandar’s desire to invest in his father’s land, he decided to expand the business by renting the neighboring land and invest in both of them. Eskandar studies Automation Engineering at Damascus University. However, he has a special warmhearted to land and seeds that he wishes never fades.

Eskandar started implementing his project, entitled” four seasons”,  on the 6th of July, 2016 where he met with the project coordinator to set out the structure of the plan. The ground had been cultivated and fertilized with organic fertilizers to increase its productivity. Next steps included seeding different kinds of vegetables and fruits.











“I have a spring of water in my land, which, in result, saves a great deal of money for me and increases my net revenue income,” Eskandar says. He also explained the happiness he feels when he sees people are standing in lines to buy his products. “This gives me energy,” he said.











Today, Eskandar produces and sells almost 2000k of various vegetables and fruits, including green papers, beans, lemon, and eggplants. He doesn’t skip school. He is actually more determined to graduate than ever because he feels that he is a productive member of a broader community.