Qualitative Data Collection Training for UNFPA’s partners in Homs

21 May 2017
1 day training for the UNFPA's implementing partners from 5 Syrian governorates

“The training was very useful. As a new member joining the UNFPA organization, I have learned new information on Data collection which made me develop my skills and will highly enhance my new job in Aleppo,” Mohannad, UNFPA coordinator in Aleppo, commented after finishing the training.

Mohannaed is one of 22 participants who attended the day training on Data collection tools and 4Ws on 22nd May.

UNFPA- Homs Hub office implemented one day training for the UNFPA implementing partners from 5 governorates:  Homs, Hama, Tartus, Lattakia and Aleppo, including : Syrian family Planning Association , (SFPA) , RDC, Al-Birr NGO- Mosyaf NGO, Aoun NGO , SSSD and Al-Batool in addition to UNFPA coordinators from Aleppo

The training tackled various subjects such as:

Gender Based Violence (GBV), Data Collection Tools, Reporting Gaps, Challenges and examples: including introduction about Registration Book, GBV Registration Book and Training Book, Gender Based Violence , Guidance, Calendar (Activity Plan, Reproductive Health , Data Collection Tool).