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Syria, Homs, Monday 12th of July, today, the UNFPA Country Representative has joined the Prime Minister of Syria, in the opening ceremony of Al Baath University Hospital in Homs. 

Mr. Husein Arnous, Syrian Prime Minister, inaugurated the Baath university hospital in a well-attended ceremony by line ministers, the governor of Homs, community leaders, professional medical academics and representatives of national and international organizations. 

“The time has come for the 1.8 million people of Homs and Rural Homs to have this 300 beds university hospital after functioning without one over the past 25 years.  It is indeed a happy day to have this hospital re-operationalized with contributions from a number of UN and international organizations and to have a fully functional Maternity medical and surgical ward, thanks to the support of UNFPA”. Dr. Basam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said.

Worth mentioning that the Homs governorate was heavily impacted by the crisis where it had lost most of its public hospitals including the national hospital along the 10 years of crisis, leaving people of Homs with limited medical care and surly with very little obstetrics and maternity medical services.

UNFPA representative Dr. Iyad Nasr highlighted that the UNFPA contribution will help in covering the gap in obstetrics service delivery, academic medical education, and to address some of the economic hurdles

the families in Homs face given that the services are provided free of or with minimal charge.

“We will always exert our best to ensure pregnant and giving birth women and their babies are well-served and enjoy quality and safe services”. Dr. Nasr added.


This maternity and gynecological ward will not only provide pregnant women in Homs with a safer medical environment to give birth, but it opens the door for thousands of medical and paramedical students practice and apply what they learn.

The UNFPA is determined to provide unique and quality services according to the priorities and needs identified.  Today, the Fund has been able to avail this 41 bed maternity ward to serve the women and families of Homs, fully equip two operating theaters and an outpatient clinic.  It has been a long journey to bring all needed equipment and materials needed despite all logistic, shipping, custom clearances, transportation and installation challenges in record time. 

We provided 10 gynecological tables, 41 patients beds, 10 ICU beds, 12 ceiling and patient examination lights, fetal heart sound detector Doppler devices, 10 incubators, infusion pumps, intensive care monitoring machines, a colposcopy device, and 2 anesthesia machines.


“We won’t spare any effort to ensure that every delivery is safe and

every pregnancy is wanted in Syria”

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