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Young men supporting  women voicing their thoughts and sharing their experiences - © UNFPA-supported Initiative’s Team


As part of promoting youth leadership and participation, which is key to UNFPA’s work1, UNFPA Syria,  in collaboration with its partners, the Syrian Youth Council2 and Sanad Youth-lead Initiative3, supported young people to plan and execute a licensed TEDx talk event in Damascus, Syria in synchronization with the closure of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign of 2021.

Nine strong, inspiring and dreaming female heroines celebrated their accomplishments and shared their powerful stories on the stage of the UNFPA-partially-supported initiative #TEDxSibkyParkWomen4 on the 23rd of December 2021 in the University of Damascus in Damascus, Syria.

It is only fair to say that the event hosted a wide array of galvanizing women from the first women to get elected for a political position at the age of 26 in Syria to the female journalist with her path in investigative journalism and her attempts to challenge injustices, especially when it comes to women’s rights, among others.


One of the speakers while emphasizing the power of words and creativity - © UNFPA-supported Initiative’s Team

Coming from different backgrounds and geographical areas across and outside Syria, the speakers shared a wide scope of ideas from technology and artificial intelligence, inclusion of women with disabilities, autonomy and courage in life/career choices, women positioning in public affairs in Syria to the need to combat all forms of pseudoscience that take advantage of the vulnerables in our local communities.

Driven by the mission to empower young people and provide them with opportunities to fulfill their potentials and bring positive change in their communities, while simultaneously working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly goal #4: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls and goal #10: reduce inequality within and among countries, UNFPA believes in the power of shedding the light on local ideas through researching, curating ideas on creativity, diversity, participation, empowerment, and inclusion, with a focus on the ones needed in the local communities in Syria, and displaying them in an eye-catching manner locally and internationally through TEDx Platform.

One of the speakers emphasized the importance of inclusion and inclusivity for people with disability - © UNFPA-supported Initiative’s Team