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24 August 2015

Syrian refugee parents take a stand against child marriage

AMMAN, Jordan – Child marriages appear to be rising among Syrian refugees as families grow increasingly desperate under the grinding four-year-old conflict. Alarming reports show that parents are... Read more

14 August 2015

5000th baby born at a UNFPA-supported clinic for refugees in Jordan

ZAATARI, Jordan – When Mohammad and Kholoud Suliman were told that their infant daughter was the 5000th baby born at the UNFPA-supported women’s... Read more

25 June 2015

Shortage in funding threatens care for pregnant Syrian refugees

EL NABATIEH, Lebanon/DEIR ALLA, Jordan – More than four years after conflict erupted in Syria, the chaos has resulted in one of the worst... Read more

17 June 2015

In Egypt, brave Syrian refugee promotes opportunities for women

CAIRO, Egypt – “Shake me from my sleep, whisper in my ear, tell me it was just a bad dream,” said Huda,* 22, explaining how it felt to become a refugee three years ago. Back home in Damascus, Syria... Read more

4 June 2015

After being declared dead, Syrian refugee rebuilds life

AMMAN, Jordan – Amir* arrived in Jordan two years ago with gunshot wounds in his back. He had been beaten and even declared dead while his family tried to flee their home in the besieged Syrian city... Read more

29 April 2015

After flight from Syria, refugee women in Iraq find safety, support

ERBIL, Iraq – When 39-year-old Asma crossed the border from Syria into Iraq, all she could think about was the son she was leaving behind. “It was the worst day of my life – worse than all the... Read more

20 April 2015

3,000th baby born at UNFPA-supported clinic in Zaatari refugee camp

ZAATARI, Jordan – When little Obada was welcomed into the world on 6 March, he became the 3,000th baby born at a UNFPA-supported clinic in the... Read more

31 March 2015

As Syrian crisis drags into fifth year, pregnant women caught in the middle

DAMASCUS, Syria – Sarab’s life changed forever in January, when her husband was killed in a mortar explosion at the schoolyard where he worked. She... Read more

11 March 2015

Brushes and blushes: Livelihood skills help Syrian refugee escape child marriage

CHOUEIFAT, Lebanon – When Hiam, a 13-year-old Syrian refugee living in Lebanon, learned her parents wanted her to marry a complete stranger, she felt helpless. But she saw a way out after hearing of... Read more

15 February 2015

Homs clinic shows the way to women’s access to health services

Homs, Syria -- “In Baba Amro, the area where I lived before, we had no doctors, not even a health clinic. “The conflict has seriously affected health services in Homs”, Om Kareem, said explaining the... Read more