State of World Population 2018

No. of pages: 156

Publication date: 17 October 2018

Author: UNFPA

CHOICE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.  It can rapidly improve the well-being of  women and girls, transform families and societies, and accelerate global development.

The way forward is the full realization of reproductive rights, for every individual  and couple, no matter where or how they live, or how much they earn. This includes dismantling all the barriers—whether economic, social or institutional—that inhibit free and informed choice. 
In the end, our success will not just come in reaching what we imagine is ideal fertility. The real measure of progress is people themselves: especially the well-being of women and girls, their enjoyment of their rights and full equality, and the life choices that they are free to make.

Dr. Natalia Kanem

Executive Director UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund