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As of 26th April 2020, Syria reported a total of 43 COVID-19 confirmed cases: 26 active, 14 recovered and 3 registered deaths. Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Syria on March 23rd, the Government of Syria has introduced measures amid fears of a spike of the novel coronavirus. These measures include movement restrictions between governorates, between city centers and rural areas, as well as a countrywide curfew in effort to ensure social distancing and self-isolation to minimize the risks of infections. Part of these efforts also include a ban on public gatherings and activities that involve large numbers of people. In Syria, people affected by humanitarian crises, particularly those displaced and/or living in camps and camp-like settings, are faced with challenges accessing health services that were otherwise available before the COVID-19 outbreak. Several measures have been taken at international and national levels to contain the spread of the virus, which has disrupted people's normal lives including humanitarian response, in addition to the already existing dire humanitarian needs before the pandemic.