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We hereby solicit your quotation for the supply of the Medicines named below UNFPA Syria. The delivery is Damascus, Syria:



S. No.


Unity of Measure



Oxytocin (IV/IM)








The quotation shall be valid at least for 30 days after the closing date – the quantities are tentative and UNFPA reserves the right to amend prior to award. If you are interested in submitting a quotation for these items, kindly fill in the attached Quotation Form and send by email to the secure address:, or via sealed envelopes at the tender box located at our office, UNFPA Damascus Office, Bldg. No. 10, Fatmeh Idriss Lane Al Ghazzawi St. West Villas, Mezzeh, Damascus, Syria..


The deadline for the submission of the offers is Sunday, 5th of July 2020 at 12.00 PM (Damascus time). Offers received after the deadline, or at another email address than the one indicated in the above ( will be automatically disqualified.


Please submit your quotation in SYP currency. Your earliest response to this query would be highly appreciated, but not later than 5th  of July 2020 at 12.00 PM (Damascus time)


Note: Current UNFPA supplier policies apply to this solicitation and can be found at:


Name of Contact Person in UNFPA: Maisa AL Arab (

Tel. No. +963-6121659/+963-6113764

Bids to be submited at: