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Didyouknow: that Ghiras Center is the only health center, staffed by a group of doctors and nurses providing healthcare services to people in eastern Rural_Damascus, Harasta.

This center plays a vital role in providing accessible #medical services to the population, and they are often the only healthcare facilities available.

Ghiras Center provides a comprehensive set of reproductive health services, such as a gynecology clinic, an internal clinic, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and a pediatric clinic, in addition to Breastcancer prevention services, postnatal, prenatal services. As well as, raising awareness on healthcare-related issues, such as the COVID_19 pandemic.

This specialized center with competent medical staff and many professionals working together provides healthcare services to the local community which is composed of approximately 30.814 inhabitants.

All consultations, diagnosis, checkups, and provision of essential medicines are offered free of charge to women & children.