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UNFPA Arab States Regional Office (ASRO) is marking this year’s International Women’s Day by launching a digital awareness and fundraising campaign ‘A Woman Even Here’.


The campaign tells the stories of six women and their struggles during humanitarian crises. Each of the six women endured hardships and experiences that can break most, but they survived to tell their stories.


It tells the story of Sahar who was abandoned by her husband because of her fistula. As a new mother, she refused to accept defeat. With the help of UNFPA and its partners, she was able to have a surgery. Post-surgery, she decided to give back and became a midwife.


Then, there is Dalal, a Syrian refugee who got married at sixteen years old. Soon, after her husband was one of the casualties of the ongoing conflict in Syria, she became a young widow and had a difficult time recovering from her traumatic experiences. However, she was able to seek help and fight her way out of depression. She did it for her son; he needed her unconditional love as she fulfills two roles, mother and father. 


They are stories of resilience!